Love popping over and hanging out with you guys at Watton Recruitment – it’s medicine to my soul.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for your assistance over the last 6 months or so. I know we have been a challenging client from time to time, often giving you very little notice for very specific role types but you have always come through and provided us with really high-quality candidates. This has been evident because several of the candidates sent to us – with a short-term remit – are even now still working on our sites!

Your approach, honesty and commitment to quality is second to none. It’s a pleasure working with you, and refreshing to have found an agency who has understood us and our business needs from the outset. All of us here would have no hesitation in recommending Watton Recruitment to others, and we anticipate continuing to use your services going forward.

Keep up the good work!

We are really inspired by the heart you have for people and getting them into employment! I think it’s very exciting to work together.

Seeing Philomena and her team is always an instant morale booster. They are great motivators and always spread their mantra of a positive mental attitude to everyone they meet.

Watton Recruitment are excellent at what they do and have helped us on many occasions (particularly at short notice). More than anything it is reassuring to know that they’re just next door and ready to help. The whole team is lovely and they are truly interested in everyone they meet. They will always go out of their way to show their appreciation and even decorated our office door on my birthday.

We’ve enjoyed being their office neighbours over the last 18 months – there is never a dull moment.

We like working with Watton Recruitment as they came into our office and got to know the team and, most importantly understood the business they had to recruit for. We found that added enormous value as it meant that everyone they put forward had an excellent working knowledge of who we are, what we do and most importantly what we expect from our team members.

It leads to less mistakes when recruiting and saves a lot of time as we are given candidates that are properly skilled so we only look at the people for integration into the team as the skills match is likely perfect. We have had a long-term relationship because they recruit as if it was for their own office, not simply a client.

As a person with a background in recruiting for a major organisation I have avoided most recruitment agencies like the plague as I found them ineffective and grossly overpriced for what they did. Then along strolled Watton Recruitment who immediately brought a sense of intelligence and common sense to the table. What a pleasure to actually be given service and not just sat at the end of a people conveyor belt.

I have worked with Watton Recruitment from the moment they commenced business and the quality of service I have received from day 1 has been first class.

They excel at placing the right candidate to the task and I cannot recommend them highly enough to fulfil your recruitment needs.

We have known Philomena for a number of years and trust her to provide quality staff who are always reliable and punctual and has helped our business in recruiting a number of staff over the years.

I would definitely recommend Watton Recruitment for all temporary staff and have passed on her card to other businesses without any hesitation.

We use Watton Recruitment, and I love the service.

Philomena’s and the teams never say die attitude, unflinching dedication and humour (often in the face of adversity) have helped our business when we really need it most.

Having used lots of agencies for our casual staff and temp staff requirements, I’d have no hesitation to recommending her to anyone as either a customer or a member of her team!

I have been working with Watton Recruitment for a long while now, and I have had nothing but on the ball service from Phil and her great team. Whenever I need advice or need any help or fast assistance from her it is immediate and very much professional, but at the same time, you are also made ‎to feel like you are very personal to the company. Great company, great person and a great friend. ‎Couldn’t recommend anyone better.


I recently moved to the UK and started my quest in looking for a job. I emailed my CV to Watton Recruitment and shortly after I received a call from Deb. She had seen my CV and saw the potential in me for one of her clients. She immediately set up an interview and well the rest is history, I GOT THE JOB. Within a month of arriving in the UK, I had my first job in the field that I specialise in, all thanks to Deb.

Deb has been an outstanding, professional recruiter, she made everything so easy, accommodating and time sufficient. If I had any queries, she was happy and friendly to help and kept me in the loop via calls, emails and SMS continuously. She will go the extra mile to help anyone find a job, as she has done so for me. I would definitely recommend Deb as a recruiter for anyone looking for a job or anyone looking for a new career change.

Watton Recruitment, in general, is a professional company and all the staff is friendly and welcoming.

Excellent people, excellent ethos, excellent results!! Having just started a permanent full-time role after temping for 3 months, I am so proud to say that I started with, and trusted, all the guys at Watton Recruitment! Very straightforward registration, with quick and efficient results (after finding me warehouse work the very next day!)

My partner Mark found Philomena and Sue really friendly, approachable and happy to help him from day one. They knew how much he wanted to be back in permanent work and they helped that happen.

Found consistent work for me in such a short space of time, and exactly what I wanted. Friendly and understanding staff, strongly recommend!

Watton Recruitment is hands down the best out there. The crew and Phil are amazing, made me feel so comfortable. I would 100% recommend. Been employed 3 months now!

Fast, professional and with a great sense of humour, I can thoroughly recommend Watton. They have their own brand of magic!

Thank you, Philomena, for everything! Really it was my pleasure to work for you. I will always just recommend you to everybody.

One of the best agencies about, I’m now in full-time work thanks to you all, its been an absolute pleasure working for you.

I’m a 58-year-old lady who has been unsuccessfully trying to find a job for the last 6 months. I have been registered on every online recruitment site going and more often than not didn’t even have the application acknowledged. To put it bluntly, I was beginning to feel like I had been left on the scrap heap mainly due to my age.

I was then given a contact name at Watton Recruitment through a friend so gave them a call. I spoke to Sue Duke who immediately boosted my confidence after reading my CV and actually made me feel like there was some hope. I was put forward for a job and GOT IT!!!!!

I cannot recommend Watton Recruitment highly enough. They are so friendly, professional, supportive and to me a real lifeline. It really goes to show the importance of one to one contact…the good old-fashioned way. Thank you, Sue.

Thank you so much, Phil and Sue, you are amazing. I don’t know what I would have done over the summer without you two. I’m back to uni tomorrow, but you will be the first people I call when back over Christmas period.

I like the bond between Philomena and people working at this recruitment agency. I used to work for her in the past and I had a good surprise when I realized she has opened up by herself. She is really interested in people and every time I had any queries or problems she helped me, even if I was calling her outside working hours. The people that are working for her are not a “number” and she tries to have a good relationship with every single one. I recommend Watton Recruitment agency for everyone…

Phil is amazing – she got me into work within the week. I would recommend her to anyone friendly, service with a smile. Thank you.

Thank you, Philomena for everything! Really it was my pleasure to work for you. I will always recommend you to everybody.

Good, true, unselfish recruitment. You’re one of a kind!! Best for employees and employers.