Helping YMCA Bedfordshire make Christmas 2017 EPIC

This Christmas, Watton Recruitment has partnered with YMCA Bedfordshire to help bring a fresh beginning to the lives of women and children escaping domestic violence.

Did you know that in one year alone 128 women accessed Central Bedfordshire’s Women’s Refuge services staying for an average of 12 months? Alongside these women, 123 children sought refuge too.

In Central Bedfordshire alone 3,200 domestic abuse incidents were reported to Bedfordshire Police. 50% of these reported children living at the home address. (2015/16 statistics)

Through their services YMCA Bedfordshire are able to not just provide a safe haven, a caring and listening ear but also all the solid support and help that women and their children need to move forward into a brighter and safer future.

Many arrive with nothing other than the fear of their lives being taken away and the fear that their children will get hurt emotionally or physically. The worries that they have to overcome are endless.

As a company, we want to make Christmas special for all of them because they deserve it. However, we can’t do this without your help.

There are two ways you can help…

  1. Make a donation to help make Christmas EPIC!  Simply visit our Just Giving page.
  2. Buy a gift from our Santa’s list for a specific women or child. If your purchase is for a child you will receive their gender and age so you can shop wisely.

For more information, read our Make Christmas 2017 Epic leaflet. Please consider joining us in spreading a little seasonal joy.

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